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Why Do We Need to Know About Barak In the Bible?

Although his story is not known by many, a Christian needs to understand the meaning behind the story of this great man. Barak in the Bible, was a warrior who defeated the Canaanite oppressor even though the odds were not in his favor. Nowadays, we talk about him because through him and his story.

We understand how far faith and trusting that God will hear you will get you. No matter what challenges you might be facing in your life, believing that God will find a way for you to overcome them is the only way of thinking.

Barak in the Bible is known as one of the heroes of Israel. He was the army commander who united the tribes of Israel, and he is the best example of faith for all Christians to follow. Barak was summoned by Deborah, a prophet, one of the 12 judges of the Jews, and the only female among them.

It is said that God Himself told Deborah to seek Barak and ask him to go to Mount Tabor after uniting the tribes. And despite Barak’s initial hesitation, he allowed God to help him, which resulted in his victory.


The Story of Barak’s Victory and Defying All Odds

We remember Barak in the Bible today for his courage to trust God, even though logic would argue otherwise. After being summoned by Deborah, Barak was told to take the tribes of Zebulun and Naphtali to Mount Tabor. Although it is mentioned that Barak had 10.000 men to lead in battle, King Jabin had 900 iron chariots in his Canaanite army.

It’s important to understand that in those times, iron chariots were like the tanks of today. Instead of being intimidated by this, Barak listened to Deborah, and he advanced in battle because God was with them.

When Barak’s army advanced, God also delivered His word. A great storm turned the ground to mud and, in the process, incapacitated the enemy’s iron chariots. Barak saw an opportunity and, therefore, led his men to victory. They managed to destroy all of Israel’s enemies. However, Sisera, the commander of the Canaanite army, fled.

He didn’t make it far, though, as he ran into the tent of a Kenite woman, Jael, who allowed him to go to sleep, and while he was sleeping, she pierced his temples with a stake, killing him.

When Barak arrived at Jael’s tent, she presented him with Sisera’s lifeless body. He and his army then killed king Jabin, and that’s how they achieved peace in Israel for more than 40 years. The story of Barak in the Bible shows Christians from all over the world that having faith in God is necessary to achieve whatever you set your mind to, even if the odds are not in your favor.

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How Trusting God Is More Important Than Logic

Humans are flawed. We make mistakes, we sin, and we regret certain decisions that we make. However, as devout Christians, we must understand where we go wrong and ask God for forgiveness. Some might think trusting God to lead you to the end of the tunnel when logic shows that you won’t make it means you are blind.

A genuine Christian, however, understands that this is the only way to live your life as God intended. Whatever difficulties you are facing, you will overcome only by putting your faith in God.

Sometimes logic might suggest you will fail or that it would be best for you to give up. But stories like Barak’s prove otherwise. Barak in the Bible, was leading his army into a death trap. He knew the enemy was much bigger and stronger than his.

But when Deborah assured him that God would walk before him to ensure his victory, he took immediate action. He put his life and the lives of 10.000 other people in the hands of God, he had faith that God would help them, and for that, he was rewarded.

Unlike Amaziah, who turned his back on God, Barak allowed God to show him his one and true destiny, which was to become one of the heroes of Israel. It’s also essential to understand the differences between Amaziah and Barak.

Both were meant to lead their armies into battle, but Amaziah caved and turned his back on God, not wanting to accept His gift and thinking he could come out victorious without the Father’s help, ultimately failing and meeting his tragic end. Barak, on the other hand, believed.


Why Overcoming Your Fears Is the Wiser Choice?

As a flawed human, you will make mistakes in your life. Remember that those mistakes don’t define you as long as you don’t want them to. It is impossible not to be scared in your life or for your life, at least once during your journey on this Earth. However, like Barak in the Bible, you must have faith in God Almighty. Unlike all Earthly things, God is infinite. He is everywhere, He listens, and He protects you. We are all His children, and He wants to see us do good in His name.

You might not be able to overcome your fears in a day or a week. But knowing that God always guides you and you are moving with love is an excellent step in that direction. Barak, although an army commander, was human. And like all humans, he was most likely scared when he saw the enemy’s army.

But Deborah reminded him that God walked before him. You might feel alone at times or even overwhelmed when facing difficulties. When experiencing these fears, remember Barak’s story and tell yourself that God walks before you. Fear is inevitable, but God is much bigger than fear.

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